Moskito Traveller Extreme

Moskito Traveller Extreme

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AMAZONAS Ultra-Light Hammock Mosquito Traveler Extreme

The impregnated hammock with a comfortable mosquito net
Comfortable all-round protection against all types of insects

The Mosquito Traveler Extreme protects you permanently from flying insects such as mosquitoes and mosquitoes as well as from crawling insects such as ticks, ants and cockroaches. In addition, both the lying surface and the mosquito net are impregnated. The impregnation of fabric and mesh is completely harmless to people, skin-friendly, odorless, heat-resistant and washable (up to a maximum of 50 washes). Access is via a zipper on the side.

Mosquito net with spreader bars including draining lines

With the patented spreader bars, the mosquito net can be stretched into a large interior. This creates the feeling of a pleasantly protected space. The net is tensioned from the body with the enclosed rope. The two included drip lines prevent water from running down the guy rope to the net when it rains. We use very fine mosquito nets with 1000 - 1500 MESH, which far exceeds the WHO requirement of 156 MESH. This ensures protection from even the smallest pests.

It works without a mosquito net

You can also use the Mosquito Traveler Extreme without a mosquito net. Simply remove the spreader bars and the guy rope and turn the lying surface down. The net hugs below the new lying surface.

Lying surface: approx. 275 x 140 cm
Weight: approx. 530g
Resilience: Max. 200kg
Pack size: approx. 24.5 x 8.5 cm
Material: 100% nylon ripstop (210D)
Ultralight revolution: Light
Incl. Suspension: No
Impregnation: Yes
Mosquito net: Yes
Spreader bars: Yes
Thermal compartment: No


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