Barbeque Tripod with 14L Enamelled Boiler

Barbecue Tripod with 14L Enamelled Boiler

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Viking Barbecue Tripod Boiler Fire Bowl Tripod Set 
Fire Bowl Pan32

The Viking Barbecue Tripod stands at 185cm tall, and comes complete with hanging chains and your choice of enamelled boiler with lid; 14 litres. The set is completed by the large 'Pan32' brazier/fire-bowl.

The boiler kettle is enamelled and thus guarantees a long service life, is rustproof and easy to handle. It is a good alternative to grilling, as it can also be used for roasting, steaming and cooking. Stews and soups can also be easily prepared outdoors. With the help of the chain, the kettle is attached over the fire bowl and the height can be adjusted. All parts can be removed individually and are easy to clean.

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