Adventure Tarp

Adventure Tarp

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Ultra-Light Revolution: One of the lightest hammock tarps in the world! The Adventure Tarp is perfectly the perfect match for the dimensions of the Ultra-light hammocks and completely weight-optimised.

Easy to suspend  
Suspending the Adventure Tarp is child's play with the adjustment carabiner and the Y-shaped aluminium pegs. The tarp also has small pockets for storing the guy ropes.

Protection from the rain, with or without a hammock
The trapezoidal cut of the tarp allows sufficient air to circulate and still provides protection from rain, sun and falling leaves. All anchoring points are equipped with small pockets for the guy ropes. Robust and versatile - even without a hammock, of course

Probably the lightest suspended tent in the world!  
The combination of our “Adventure Mosquito Hammock Thermo” and the “Adventure Ropes” produces what is probably the lightest hanging tent in the world (approx. 940g)! Ideal for any adventure!


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